At last! Our ballet classes have launched in Chiswick!

We searched high and low for a venue to host our ballet classes in Chiswick and were so excited this term to find The West London Children’s Wellness Centre.

At last, we had a home for our ballet classes in Chiswick!

Join Miss Lauren every Tuesday morning for a magical morning of Ballet!

Baby Ballet Chiswick

9:30-10:00 Parent and Me Ballet

Classes start from just 16months with our Parent and Me Ballet class. A 30 minute fun and gentle introduction to ballet with the assistance of a parent/grown up. This magical class is filled with props and music to capture your little ones imagination whilst fostering a love of dance. 

Ballet classes Chiswick

10:10-10:40 Baby Ballet

From 2.5years children can join us for Baby Ballet. Classes are structured around the Royal Academy of Dance “Dance To Your Own Tune” syllabus which aims to “develop children's physical skills and encourage creativity, expression, and musicality”.

The classes are magical, creative and fun, and prepare children for a transition to ballet and other dance genres at higher levels.

We offer every new student a 3 class pass so you can come along and truly experience our classes for 3 weeks before joining for the term. The passes are available to book online for £24. We would love to have you join us before the end of the term!