5 Reasons We LOVE Tap!

Here at The Little Dance Academy we LOVE Tap Dance!

Let's count the ways!


1. Anyone can tap dance. Tap dance can be adapted for any age or skill level. We offer Baby Tap as part of our combo classes from as young as 2.5 years AND we know dancers tapping away into their 80's/90's. There‚Äôs tap dance classes for everyone out there; Adult Tap anyone?

2. Tap dance is noisy. You won't find many other dance classes where you are encouraged to be noisy! And doesn't it feel good?! Tapping provides a release and an outlet for self expression.

3. Tap dance makes you smarter. Tap steps are tricky. You're forced to listen to the music and pay attention to the counts, thinking of each step before they happen. Learning, practicing, and putting them together is great exercise for your brain! Not to mention remembering them all!

4. Tap dance makes you a dancer and a musician. When you learn tap dance you become both a   dancer and a musician! You are making music with your feet!

5. Tap dance is fun. Tap dance makes people smile! It is fun and challenging and provides children of all ages a creative outlet AND a sense of accomplishment mastering a new skill!


Join us for Baby, Junior or Primary Tap from age 2.5+

Classes take place across SW and N London - Fulham, Parsons Green, Hammersmith, Chiswick, Kensington, Queens Park.