Drama classes in SW London


2.5 - 4 years

3 - 5 years

Our drama classes are fuelled by adventure!

We have carefully selected exercises designed to broaden your child’s imagination and ignite their creativity. Most of all our classes are designed to fill them with confidence so they are ready to take on the world!

Each class combines elements of movement and music, as well as games and vocal exercises encouraging children to find their voice and speak confidently amongst their new drama friends.

The real highlight of class is our adventures! Prompted by our beautifully designed letters, children will head off on heroic missions and daring explorations!

Will we go to the jungle

Or down under the sea?

Will we board a rocket ship?

Oh what will it be?

No two classes are the same leaving your child wondering where will they go next!

We love The Little Dance Academy! Our 3 year old boy and 4 year old girl attend Hip Hop on Saturday, Drama on Monday and Ballet on Wednesday.

The kids absolutely love it and afterwards they are very happy jumping beans, singing songs, dancing and expressing their inner dance selves!

The teachers are brilliant. They are very kind and naturally good with little ones. My son is quite shy and was frightened going into a dance class but Miss Katie and the other teachers made him feel so supported that now he runs in the door!

A big thank you to The Little Dance Academy!
— Claire Zahn, Parent